Boxcars in a Train* Genealogy The Family of Charles Howard and Lurana Braswell Kitchens

The Family of Charles Howard and Lurana Braswell Kitchens

Charles Howard Kitchens was born in Georgia around 1812 to Bartholomew and Abby Kitchens. His wife Lurana Braswell was born in 1814 in North Carolina to Britain and Judah Braswell. She and her three brothers (Davis, Duke, and Jacob) came to Georgia sometime prior to 1827 as she and Jacob are listed in the Georgia Land Lottery of that same year.

The name was originally listed as “Kitchings” and evolved in this generation to Kitchens, although one son held on to the original spelling.

They married around 1835.

They had a total of eight children as follows:

  • Nancy Elephare (1836-1905), married Josiah Joseph AMASON (1830-1903) on June 1, 1853.
  • Adelaide A. (1837-1918) married James Franklin MARSHALL (1833-1908?) on January 28, 1855.
  • Jane E. (1839-1920) married Jonathan WOODSON (1833-1910) on December 23, 1858.
  • John L. (1842-civil war) married Elizabeth HAMLIN (1845-?) on December 26, 1860.
  • Charles (1844-1861) did not marry. Died during Civil War.
  • James Churchwell or Churchill (1849-1891) married Camilla Frances HAMLIN (1849-1917) on December 22, 1867.
  • Judith Francis (1851?-1891) married Robert Ellison EDWARDS (1854-1891) on February 13, 1879.
  • Henry H. (1851-1926) married Hattie Augusta MORGAN (1858-1943) in 1883.

With the exception of Henry, the children remained in or around the Macon, GA area. Henry married in Autauga Co., AL and later died in Florida.

Charles was a farmer, well known and respected in the area. He served for a time as the church secretary of the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church in Macon. A notice in the paper of May 1889 indicated: “Charles Kitchens, farmer, died suddenly in his bed. Fine Wednesday night, Dead Thursday morning.”

Lurana died in April 1891, just a couple of months after her son James and just literally a few minutes before her daughter Juda (Judith). The three losses were noted in the Macon paper in April.

This is the Family of Charles Howard and Lurana Braswell Kitchens

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