Boxcars in a Train* General Candy canes after Christmas

Candy canes after Christmas

Almost forgot to buy one of favorite post Christmas treats… Candy canes!

Not the large tree hanging canes, but the little Bob’s canes that come in boxes of 100.

I remember one Christmas, the one we spent at Plymouth Colony Apartments, I had a tall whiskey gift box sitting next to my bed and it was full of those yummy candy canes. Each night I could reach over and pull one out as a late night sugar snack.

By the way, since I was only 12 or so the whiskey box wasn’t my gift. 🙂

So today I remembered to grab some when we were t Walmart and wouldn’t you know they were out! Fortunately when we were next at Publix Cristi reminded me to check and sure enough they had some.

And I’m having some as well!


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