Oh! The Places You’ll Live!

I figure very few will ever stumble across this blog, but I figure the best way to reach others is to write about the things I know, drop some place names here and there, and as people get curious and Google those names and places, they might just click a link to bring them here.

With that said, I will start with my general background, where I lived in Atlanta and schools I attended.

I was born in 1966 at DeKalb General Hospital (as it was then known) over in Decatur, Georgia. I spent the first nearly ten years of my life in Clarkston in a little house on Verdi Way with dad and mom (Alfred and Frances) my two older brothers William and Robert, and in 1969, my brother Jeff was born. We lived there until 1976 or so. My recollections are bit hazy on exact timing of things, but I remember certain events clearly, so that gives me a general reference.

So in 1976 the moving began. We moved a lot. As a kid, I never questioned why and always found it kind of fun — experiencing new schools and meeting new people. The actual packing and truck loading not so much. But I think it did give me a unique perspective on the metro Atlanta area — at least DeKalb and Gwinnett counties. I met some fun and interesting people along the way and as I write here I hope to bring them to life for you.

So anyway, as I type this, I would have sworn that we were at Verdi Way until after the Bicentennial on July 4th, but I know that is not the case as I finished my fourth grade year at the new place. As school used to be normal and go until early June, I would put our move from Clarkston in May 1976 without question.

To make this a bit easier to understand without being too verbose, I’m going to make a chart of where I lived and the rough dates. I will also include the schools attended. If you were there any of these dates, I’d love to hear from you!

[table id=res_school /]

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