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This is harder than I thought…

I told myself when I started this, that I would write something every day. Even if it was minor. But so far that has not happened. Programming and writing other stuff (and the lack of time) always seems to get … Continue reading

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Fall…Spring…Forward…Backward… Daylight Savings Time = ARGH!!!

So it’s that time of year again… well, the new and improved earlier time of the year (since the government “improved” it a couple of years ago). Of course, I speak of Daylight Savings Time, where we adjust our clocks … Continue reading

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In the lights of the city, you lose sight of the stars…

I used to have some weird thoughts as a teenager. No, actually weird FOR a teenager. One of those thoughts was that if parents raised their child without ever having candy, would the kid actually know they were missing something. … Continue reading

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