Well that actually went easier than I thought…

On the way home from church yesterday, we grabbed lunch then stopped by Home Depot to pick up supplies for the big toilet flange repair. I had the extra PVC drain pipe and coupler in hand, was trying to find the right flange to use when one of the associates came up and showed me a new product (that they didn’t have a decade or so ago when we did our other flange fix).

This was one of several different varieties of toilet flange repair devices. This one was designed for where most of the flange is still intact. This sits on top of the old PVC one and secures with 6 drywall screws and washers. They also had one that would clamp onto even less of the flange it yours is so far gone and one that will hold the pieces together (better than duct tape) if yours is just cracked or broken.

I am happy to say that after installing this bracket, the rest of the install went like clockwork (except for a couple of missing finish pieces for the toilet seat).

The final result:

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