Estate sales are too cool!

The day started out good enough. Went to an estate sale in Decatur run by Old Mills Antiques where Cristi and I met Louis the bulldog. He was only about five (or eight) months old, but I’ve never seen a bulldog with such energy! Bounding around, jumping, getting his leash wrapped around the table. Such a sweet little puppy!

Cristi and I love going to estate sales and have been doing so for many, many years. We don’t really go to auctions, just the sales that are like whole house garage sales. Where children are having to part with the balance of their parents things or sometimes when a spouse is going into assisted living and no longer needs the stuff that has collected over the years. Cristi and I go with totally different goals in mind, though they have changed over the years.

For Cristi it was all about decorating or finding some piece of furniture to restore or a project. She’s found some great vintage sheets that we still use as well as chenille bed spreads that are awesome with their textured patterns. Now she’s more selective and looks only for certain pieces as she declutters our house.

I used to hunt out stuff to sell on eBay, but as selling there has increased in pain, I’ve curtailed that quite a bit. I still like to find oddities to photograph or old things from my childhood era (1970s). One find this weekend for me at an otherwise dull sale was a old Macanudo cigar box full of various rubber bouncy balls. This will definitely get some use in the photo-prop department.

Cristi also found a nice crocheted afghan and a volleyball for Archer, one of our sweet puppies. Archer loves sport balls and he loves to work at them until he gets them apart. This one barely made it an hour…

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